Contributing to the MERMAID API

MERMAID is an open-source project, and needs your help! If you are a developer who can work with Django or just Python, and are interested in contributing your time, please give us a shout at

All pull requests are welcome at We have a lot on our roadmap, but because many tasks require thorough working knowledge of the system, we are particularly interested in help with items that do not require huge amounts of onboarding. Some current high-level areas in which we could use help are:

  • improving this documentation, and creating swagger documentation

  • unit tests

  • writing analysis libraries or SDKs, particularly Jupyter notebook demos – the Python equivalent of mermaidr

  • QGIS plugin/toolbar to provide a user-friendly way for users to connect to the MERMAID API, authenticate, choose which projects and survey methods to query, and then load that data with default symbologies